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Thought, odds were settled but it poped up again Ruby vs PHP



Ruby vs PHP mood swinging is never ending i guess, last week, i thought, enough is enough, let it be geeky, let it be difficult, my vote is onto Ruby (aka Ruby on Rails .. Ruby is language, Rails is Frame work), a language to be used, for startups or to bring ur ideas into life.

but yesterday is came to know about Zomato an Delhi startup by offcourse its by another IITian.

Zomato got funding from Infoedge (who is infoedge they are aka good amount of funding its in tunes of Millions.

naturally, my fingers itch to check, how they built it, and found it was built on PHP,

oh no NOT again, then quickly i checked, how many users the system is handling  63million (hopefully the records are right), then immediately the questions come

PHP or Ruby (RoR).

i did this 100 times, but i did this again    google  ” Ruby vs PHP” actually you have to type ” Ruby on rail vs PHP” though its very wrong, to get lots of results, to read whats ppl say………

my god this time, i am so convinced that PHP is good  (dnot worry my mood will swing back again)  i came in love with Ruby/RoR after i met with on their first lauch.

ok back to business, if you guys are PHP lovers, then you must love these article

“How to Learn PHP” by nettuts+    (these guys are great)

read this post for Ruby vs PHP wars

one guy wrote, the post is about ruby vs php and the comments are powered with disqus….     smile on my face

after reading the post you want to learn PHP, few links

download it from GitHub

learn codeigniter from scratch :

just saw about the course $19 not a big deal to learn this

learn how to create a login System :

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