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thiel fellowship == hogwarts?

when i was reading about this scholarship “thiel fellowship”

their t&c and who must be eligible, it sounded like “i was reading/watching” the first movie of harry pottery, all those ” World Class” World top child prodity wizards” how they are choose and then taken to Hogwarts, and given training, to become, one of the best (good) wizards in the imaginary world.

but looks like that world exists, as how

  •    kids (child prodigy) are selected  (u must be under 20)
  •    who are eligibe ( as they must be born genius)
  •    as how they are taken to some secret place (not so secret though Silicon valley)
  •  and how they are trained by the masters in wizardy ( the like of zack, etc etc

to become the next wizards to create a billion dollar companies.

when i read that all these guys/girls will be given paid tickets to go to silicon valley to meet theil and other masters, i felt like below video

when i saw their website all the kids standing, i felt like this

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