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Meet the Start-up Founders (email Interview)

Q) What is the URL of your Start-up, what is it for?

A) allows everyone to store, publish, share and prepare a complete ready reference of their ancestors for future generations. Here, one can post unlimited biography (Indian regional languages available), personal and family details, social services and charity done by the soul, photos, embedded videos, unlimited condolence messages can be posted from around the world (Indian regional languages), set background music (religious music choice from mantras, chants, bhajans etc) and set death and birth anniversary reminders for relatives and friends. One can easily update the details as and when required.


Q) Which year did you start this up 

A) we launched the site on 12th june 2011.


Q) Where is your start-up located, can we have some pictures or videos of your start-up work place ( email attachments or links)

A)  the office is located at Rajkot. Gujarat.


Q) What problems does your start-up solve

A) provides an advertisement free platform wherein one can share all of the details viz. photos, videos, life journey, family and personal details, condolence messages, social services charities etc. and set reminders for all relatives and friends at one time convenient price of INR 5000 for 30 years.

As of now the portal has more than 240 paid profiles and around 85 complimentary profiles of martyrs, film stars, social leaders, politicians and other public figures.

As Indians we wish pass on our cultural legacy to our future generations and with the help of this will be done with utmost ease.


Q) How many Jobs your start-up created

A)    Close to 40 sales agencies have been appointed. The startup is unique as it is India’s 1st tribute portal, none of the Indians have ever seen such service before.


Q) What business vertical your Start-up is concentration  

A) we are focusing on tied agency model and will also start franchise in time to come


Q)  What’s your funding model

A) Founders have funded the project and it is a self funded startup as of now. However, we are open to receive investments in order to expand and take this service to the next level


Q) Are you looking for any other sources of funds

A) yes, we are open to have funds and have been looking to raise funds from angels and ventures.


Q) Are you looking for any co-founders to join your start-up 

A) no. but we are looking for tech partners for the startup


Q) What is the Link of your start-up on Company page on Linkedin

A) we have facebook page

               twitter @shradhanjalico1


Q) Achievements

A) we have received successful entry in India book of records and limca book of records

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