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Another Industry disrupted by a Startup theory.

I remember until many days, it was very difficult for anyone to publish a book, even if you think that it was good

a) it was controlled by many publishing companies, that who should be printed, how many much they must be paid

favourism, monopoly existed until this “Startup” theory has come to the picture.

Now anyone can print, if they think, they book is worth publishing,

  • you can print 1 book
  • you can print 10 books
  • you can print on demand

called as “VANITY printing”

they are also companies like

  1. publish e-books
  2. print-on-demand

pothi lets everyone to publish a book “if they wish to”

i liked this revolutionary way to handle things…..  i wanted to publish a book from so long.. and now i can do so……..the world is changing for good man…………………. best of luck world

ok i am getting emotional, by the way how you get published at

if you desire from the bottom of your heart, you can get it done, now with the “Start up” thing around, you can get it done better………..

long live startup platforms

co-founder of pothi is


if anyone has objections for this content, pls do comment or email to startupoprah at gmail dot com and it shall be removed 
as soon as possible

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