Get your Social command Center – Ready – with Simplify’360
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  Get your Social command Center – Ready – with Simplify’360 – 100 customers- 25 Jobs Rohit Gupta is the CTO and Co-founder of Simplify360, a Social Media Intelligence company started from Bangalore, India now headquartered in Texas, US. His strength lies in combining business acumen with latest technology and building application that solves the

Do you want to print Customized Tee-shirt ? its easy now with Jack of All threads !
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“now you can crowd source to print T-shirts for a cause” *********************************************** About the Start-up: Q) Where can ppl find you guys on the PC A) |   Q) What problem you guys are solving? A) A few- 1. College folks and other interest groups in India want tees, but they don’t know exactly

Shradhanjali – newspaper obituary Online
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Now stop cutting those newspaper obituary and start using Shradhanjali Vyas  & Vimal made it easy for you, & you can join them to make it even bigger +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meet the Start-up Founders (email Interview) Q) What is the URL of your Start-up, what is it for? A) allows everyone to store, publish,

IIT’ians do it again – ‘Wishpicker’ makes it easy to ‘pick’ a gift for your loved ones…
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Find the perfect gift for your loved ones Search gift ideas by relationships, age, and occasion is the tagline of  wishpicker their UX/UI looks awesome world class……….. without delays………. here i  present you the startup story of   “three musketeers”    Prateek, Apurv and wishpicker     Meet the Start-up Founders  Apurv& Prateek Q) How

Piyush ‘n’ Piyush founders of a Social network  which weeds out fake profile’s
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Summary: Founders : Piyush Grover and Piyush Pandey. Start-up:  Social Networking site, which is carefully screens out the bad profiles and give you the BEST quality. ENTRY w/ permission only  Investment : if any Angle Investors are interested, they are welcome Any Start-up jobs : any PHP developers interested, they are welcome Location : Delhi Website

thiel fellowship == hogwarts?
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when i was reading about this scholarship “thiel fellowship” their t&c and who must be eligible, it sounded like “i was reading/watching” the first movie of harry pottery, all those ” World Class” World top child prodity wizards” how they are choose and then taken to Hogwarts, and given training, to become, one of