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Money Messenger Helps Retail Forex Traders


About the Start-up:

Q) What is the URL of your start-up?

Q) What problem your Start-up solving? or planning to solve?

A) We are a fin tech startup, building technologies to improve capital market trading experiences, specially for the retail traders. Money Messenger offers features and technology that is currently available only for the HNI and large funds.

Q) How does it benefit the end user?
A) The keywords here are information and technology. We strive to make accurate information available to retail traders by leveraging technology.
Retail traders, unlike HNI’s and large funds, can’t afford to subscribe/buy trading technology/resources to improve their trading experiences and profits. With internet spreading wildly, trading has become very common, but access to information is limited. And this is directly related to the money that is made by placing trades.

Q) Is there any unique feature in your start-up product/Service? Which differentiates you from rest of the Products/Services?
A) Absolutely. Our platform has lots of ‘first’ to offer. We’ve a patent filed to protect some of the innovations.
Q) What is the current state of your start-up (idea, product testing and beta, live)?
A) We has a brief private beta launch in 2012. We registered 2200+ in a few weeks.
We are currently raising funds to support our product development.
Q) When was your start-up born?
A) Money Messenger was born out of a personal pain point. I’ve been trading Forex since last 9 years now, and found many shortcomings/problems. Forex is a $4 trillion market, with millions of retail traders worldwide. And we were one amongst them. Our research revealed we couldn’t afford the solutions available in the market. And there were millions of traders like us.
Thus, Money Messenger was born.

Q) How many Jobs your start-up created till to-date
A) We’re a team of 4. We will be hiring more after we raise funds.
Q) What business Domain/ Industry vertical your Start-up is focused on?
A) Financial technology


About the Founders:

Q) Where did you meet the co-founders?

A) I am a single founder.

Q) Where is your start-up located?

A) Hyderabad

Q) Do you have any “open jobs” right now (links, or list jobs)

A)Yes. We are hiring Java ninjas.


About the Technology:

Q) What Technology Stack do you use?
A)MEAN Stack.

Q) What technology stack do you recommend for new entrepreneurs?

A)There’s no compulsion to stick to a specific stack these days. Be flexible. I would recommend MEAN.

Q) What inspired you most to start-up? Was the technology? Was the idea? was it the problem?
A)I am a natural, hardcore entrepreneur. I did not think much when I was starting. It happened.

About the money:

Q) How did you pool up $$$ to get started/ build a MVP (Minimum value product)?
A)We were in market, building and selling trading algorithms. We had many paying customers, which initially funded our private beta launch.

Q) How did you guys/girls overcome the problem of Chick first egg first (Product first or Investment first) ?
A)We had no problem. Build a kick ass solution to a killer problem. Customers will come to you.

Q) What’s your funding model (self funded, seed funding, VC etc), who are the Investors

Q) Are you looking for any more funding? Do you want investors to contact you? How to contact you?

A) Yes. Absolutely, can reach me via email

Q) Are you looking for any JV, International partners?


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