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Introducing end to end solutions on a single platform – the story of TheHouseMonk


TheHouseMonk is A Technology Powered Real Estate Agency, which will work with you till you find a home you love,  


it was “built in India”

& they have Created 27 Jobs till today 

check them out

About the Start-up:


Q) What is the URL of your start-up?



Q) What problem your Start-up solving? or planning to solve?

A) We feel that the online and offline aspects of house hunting are worlds apart and heavily disconnected. It’s great to start searching for properties online and get information about them but real estate is fundamentally an offline process. The market is heavily dependent on local real estate agents who’re not really trained to do this.

This is where TheHouseMonk steps in – we have a great field team in addition to our portal. Users can start searching for property on our neat, map based UI and schedule visits to properties they like. Once this is done, we pair them with an agent from TheHouseMonk who’ll help them with sitevisits, negotiations, paperwork and close the deal. The online portal where customers start their house hunt and the offline real estate team which helps them close the deal – the end to end solution is provided by TheHouseMonk.


Q) How does it benefit the end user?

A) We feel this is beneficial on multiple levels –

1) When the website and real estate agent work together, house hunters end up getting a good deal

2) Our agents are armed with mobile technology which enables them to serve customers better.

3) With us, house hunting is faster, easier and hassle free!


Q) Is there any unique feature in your start-up product/Service? Which differentiates you from rest of the Products/Services?

A) Providing end-to-end solutions in real estate is something unique about us. Most of the other players in this field are focusing only on helping house hunters in the ‘discovery’ phase of house hunting while we’re focusing on the entire journey of helping them get a home they love


Q) Whatis the current state of your start-up (idea, product testingand beta, live)?

A) We launched our website ( in April 2014. We’re seeing steady traffic on our website and have helped over 100 property seekers find their home!  : -)

Q) When was your start-up born?

A) The idea was conceived in October 2013 and the product went live by April 2014


Q) How many Jobs your start-up created till to-date (we believe the co-founders Jobs are the first ones created (

A) We’re about 7 people in the office and work with around 20 agents on the field


Q) What business Domain/ Industryvertical your Start-up is focused on?

A) Real Estate (Currently focusing on rental and resale)


About the Founders:

Ankit Nafeen Ajay  


Q) Where you did get the idea?

A) Like most consumer internet startups, the idea was born after my personal struggle to get a house in June 2013


Q) Where did you meet the co-founders?

A) Ankit and I (Ajay) were colleagues in our previous company (Mu Sigma Business Solutions)


Q) How the hell did you convince them to leave their job, and join you!!

A) Lol When I pitched the idea to Ankit, he could relate to the problems one faces while house hunting. It was the scale of the problem which attracted both of us – almost everyone we knew had had bad experiences while house hunting. It wasn’t very difficult to convince him to quit coz he also genuinely believed that TheHouseMonk could solve a genuine pain point in the industry


Q) How could you guys/gals stick together? (we assuming sticking together w/o salaries is quite difficult)

A)We’re friends first, so it’s not that difficult


Q)Who are the other Founders/Co-founders?

A) Nafeen Abdul has joined us and will head the web development in the company


Q) Where is your start-up located?

A) We work out of our office in Indira Nagar, Bangalore


Q) Are you looking for any co-founders to join your start-up?

A) Not specifically. If anyone likes what we do at TheHouseMonk and wants to work with us to build this company, we’re always open to talking to them


Q) Do you have any “open jobs” right now (links, or list jobs)

A) We are looking to hire interns at the moment – Tech Interns and Graphic Design Interns.


About the Technology:   


Q) What Technology Stack do you use?

A) The website works on PHP for server side and Javascript for front end. We use Google Maps API to a good extent


Q) Do you use Open-Source Technologies?



Q) What technology stack do you recommend for new entrepreneurs?

A) LAMP. For startup, it’s important not to spend money on licensing early on – open sources is the way forward.


Q) What inspired you most to start-up? Was the technology? Was the idea? was it the problem?

A) The problem. There’re almost 10 mainstream players in the industry but house hunting still remains a pain for most people. We want to solve that problem.


About the money:    

Q) How did you pool up $$$ to get started/ build a MVP (Minimum value product)?

A) Mainly from savings from our previous job


Q) How did you guys/girls overcome the problem of Chick first egg first (Product first or Investment first) ?

A) It is always product first, not investment. In today’s world, building the first version of your product (or atleast a prototype) does not cost as much money as one might assume. Build your product, do an early release, validate your idea (Proof of Concept) and then raise capital.


Q)  What’s your funding model (self funded, seed funding, VC etc), who are the Investors

A) We’ve bootstrapped the company till now


Q) Are you looking for any more funding? Do you want investors to contact you? How to contactyou?

A) We’re open to discussing our business with potential investors. They can contact me via email at kumar {at) thehousemonk {dot} com


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