IIT’ians do it again – ‘Wishpicker’ makes it easy to ‘pick’ a gift for your loved ones…
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Find the perfect gift for your loved ones Search gift ideas by relationships, age, and occasion is the tagline of  wishpicker their UX/UI looks awesome world class……….. without delays………. here i  present you the startup story of   “three musketeers”    Prateek, Apurv and wishpicker     Meet the Start-up Founders  Apurv& Prateek Q) How

Piyush ‘n’ Piyush founders of a Social network  which weeds out fake profile’s
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Summary: Founders : Piyush Grover and Piyush Pandey. Start-up:  Social Networking site, which is carefully screens out the bad profiles and give you the BEST quality. ENTRY w/ permission only  Investment : if any Angle Investors are interested, they are welcome Any Start-up jobs : any PHP developers interested, they are welcome Location : Delhi Website