A banker, An Engineer, A Corporate  Honcho came together to lend money
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  About the Start-up Q) Whats’ your address on the web? A) www.i-lend.in Q) What problem your Startup solving? or planning to solve? A) Many individuals looking to borrow today do not have access to credit at reasonable interest rates. There are multiple reasons for this. Banks offer loans to individuals who meet their lending criteria,

Money Messenger Helps Retail Forex Traders
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  About the Start-up: Q) What is the URL of your start-up? A)  www.moneymessenger.in www.moneymessenger.co Q) What problem your Start-up solving? or planning to solve? A) We are a fin tech startup, building technologies to improve capital market trading experiences, specially for the retail traders. Money Messenger offers features and technology that is currently available