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banker turned tiffinwala – who is sharing love & tiffins

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About the Start-up

Q) Whats our address on the web?


Q) are you on Android & itunes Stores too ?

A) Yes   android 

Q) What problem your Startup solving? or planning to solve?

A) Today, 47% people meet their neighbours maximum thrice thrice a year. Additionally, 1 in 12 Indians don’t know their neighbour’s name. Clearly, urbanization has resulted in a fading spirit of community. Mutterfly was born to revive this spirit of neighborhood.

In order to initiate interactions between neighbors, we knew we had to have a common touch-point that affects all our lives. Our primary research showed that food tops the interest list and more interestingly 1 in 3 Indians have secretly wanted to try their neighbor’s khana. . As we were looking to solve a social problem, we knew the connecting medium had to be fun and have a feel-good effect. ‘Sharing’ became the operative word and we started Mutterfly as a food-sharing platform between neighbours.

We have started connecting neighbours through food and in near future we intend to expand into other categories of resource sharing. Our vision is to create a network where neighbours can share, interact and view all activities taking place in their neighbourhood.
Q) How does it benefit the end user?

A) Mutterfly is a social food-sharing app between neighbours.The app allows foodies to share what they are cooking with their neighbourhood. If you love food and can’t cook, the app lets you share your cravings and allows neighbours to fulfill your request.

For those to love to cook, Mutterfly gives them a platform to display their culinary talent to their neighbourhood. They can chose to share the dish at a price or free. Who wouldn’t mind a free homemade Biryani for dinner.

For food lovers, the platform gives them access to home cooked neighbours khana. Foodies can either post their cravings and let their neighbours fulfill it for them or request dishes shared by other members.

Q) Is there any unique feature in your startup ? Which differentiates you from rest of all

A) Mutterfly is the 1st P2P food-sharing platform that allows you to request what’s cooking in your neighbour’s kitchen.

Q) What is the current state of your start-up?

A) The timeline for Mutterfly was as follow :

Idea -Validation – April
MVP – May
Alpha Testing & Private Beta – June
Public Beta – July

Went live in August 2015.

After 1 month, we have 800 members spread across 40 cities of India.

Q) How many Jobs your start-up created till to-date (we believe the co-founders Jobs are the first ones created
A) We are a 6 member team.

Q) What business Domain/ Industry vertical your Start-up is focused on?
A) Social

About the Founders

 Akshay Bhatia

Q) Where you did get the idea?
A) The idea for Mutterfly came as a result of a personal cribbing for ghar ka khana. While working in London, I was surviving on takeaway meals. I was feeding myself, but it was far from enjoying my food. I always joked that there should be a way where I can see what’s cooking in my neighbours kitchen. But i didn’t know my neighbours so knocking on their door was out of the question. As my cribbing grew, I started putting down my thoughts on paper and 2 months later, the idea of creating a platform had completely grown on me. I came down to India for couple of weeks to carry out primary research and validate my idea. Next thing I knew, I went back to London and put in my resignation. 4 weeks later, I was on a one-way ticket to India.

Q) What are their LinkedIn profiles
A)  here

Q) Where is your start-up located?
A) Powai ( Mumbai)

Q) What is the Link of your start-up -Company page on LinkedIn
A) here

About the Technology

Q) What Technology Stack do you use?
A) Currently we are present on Android and looking to launch on IOS in coming months. Current stack is an Android Web App : Java Restful Api with MySQL Server.

Q) Do you use Open-Source Technologies?
A) Yes we use MySQL server and Java.

Q) What technology stack do you recommend for new entrepreneurs?
A) From personal experience, Java Restful Api /DotNet Restful Api with MySQL Server should be a good starting point.

Q) What inspired you most to start-up? Was the technology? Was the idea? was it the problem?
A) It started with the Idea and we actually started with offline events where neighbours in a community came together and shared food on days planned by us. We quickly realized that neighbours wanted to interact more often and technology would help us achieve that and scale to other locations.

About the money

Q) How did you pool up $$$ to get started/ build a MVP (Minimum value product)?
A) I have bootstrapped until now (using savings from my previous job at Morgan Stanley)
Q) How did you guys/girls overcome the problem of Chick first egg first (Product first or Investment first) ?
A) The aim from the start of the journey was to build a great product something that people would love to use. That put the product first automatically. Within the team we joke around that we want the app to be the hot girl in the college who everyone wants to date and once we become that hot girl, we’ll get attention from the right people.

Q) Are you looking for any more funding? Do you want investors to contact you? How to contact you?
A) Currently, we are focused towards product development. Investors can reach us at email

Mutterfly App

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