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Do you want to print Customized Tee-shirt ? its easy now with Jack of All threads !


“now you can crowd source to print T-shirts for a cause”


About the Start-up:

Q) Where can ppl find you guys on the PC

A) |


Q) What problem you guys are solving?

A) A few-

1. College folks and other interest groups in India want tees, but they don’t know exactly how many, a traditional bulk order becomes inconvenient.

2. Social causes, colleges and communities need to fundraise, buy tees in bulk and lose money on inventory surplus or shortage.

3. Regular college students and artists have great ideas and the capacity to market, and no avenue to monetize it.


Q) What ppl can do with your start-up, how can they get benefited by the product/service you provide?

A) Jack of all Threads has recently launched RAISE, India’s first crowd funding platform for customized tees.

RAISE allows users to set up campaigns where they tell us their tee idea, we design it for them, they set a minimum sales goal based on which we give them a base price. They decide the selling price and start selling to their friends. If they meet that sales goal the tees are produced and they keep the profit. If not, the tees aren’t produced and buyers are refunded in full.

 People are using RAISE for the greatest things! College students are using it for college tees most obviously, but we have campaigns for saving the earth, the elections, positive thinking and even BabajikaThullu. One person use RAISE to share his extremely inspirational story of overcoming the challenges of a life-changing accident. A retail store is using RAISE to lower their inventory cost and guage demand. Just today, 2 aunties have written to use RAISE for tees across Assam!


Q) How unique & charming is your product/service.

A) India’s never seen anything like this, and it’s tailored to the Indian market like no international product either, it’s really one of a kind. And it shows, we’re seeing much, much greater response than we ever have.


Q) what is the current state of your start-up ( idea, product testing, beta, live)

A) We’ve launched the first public version of the product and are iterating further versions while growing demand.


Q) Which year did you start this up

A) Jack of all Threads started up in 2012 and soon launched Impacthread, our socially innovative concept for college tees. We launched RAISE this year.


Q) How many Jobs your start-up created in your region

A) It’s very interesting. We’re a college-student driven startup. We internalized within our founding team the heaviest tasks to simply learn as much as we could outside of class. And we’ve got an amazing bunch of Marketing Execs, Design Monkeys and Campus Ambassadors, all students, using Jack to work on something meaningful and earn on the side. Most interesting though, Raise allows ANYONE in the country to earn on the side through their ideas and social capital.


Q) What business vertical your Start-up is concentration

A) customized tees


About the Founders:

Q) where did you meet the co-founders

A) We’ve schooled together. Yash, Akash and Pratibha were at DPS Bangalore North together. Yash and Apoorvaa were at Deeksha together for a summer.

Jack of all threads

Q) How the hell did you convince them to leave their job, and join you

A)We started out in college. There wasn’t really any op-cost, we were pretty sick of classwork and internships. Apoorvaa, Pratibha and Akash are graduating now, and now they’re ready to take this full time because RAISE looks promising. Yash, a year junior, is taking a break from college to join them.


Q) How could you guys/gals stick together

A) We enjoy each other’s company, that does most of it. We think having grown up together has a lot to do with it.


Q)who are the other co-funders  & Linkedin Profile of founders

A) The Co founders are

Yash Vardhan Kanoi

Pratibha Nair 



Q) Where is your start-up located, can we have some pictures or videos of your start-up work place

A) Manyata tech park, Bangalore


Q) Are you looking for any co-founders to join your start-up ?

A) We’re considering bringing a tech partner on board


Q) Do you have any “open jobs” right now (links, or list jobs)

A) Yes! We’re expanding in a huge way join us for an exciting ride!


About the money:    

Q) How did you pool up $$$ to get started/ build a MVP Minimum value product?

A) We started over 18 months ago with a joint capital of just Rs.3000!! Each of us put in a thousand rupees (Pratibha we realized on later had forgotten to do even that). We’ve bootstrapped our way through. Lean methodology for the winJ


Q) How did you guys overcome the problem of Chick first egg first  (Product first or Investment first)

A) Product, a lot of testing, customers, better product, loop. Investment.


Q) How much are you guys funded now?

A) We’re still bootstrapped


Q) Are you looking for any more funding? Do you want investors to contact you? If yes, email contact ?

A)  we’d love to hear from angels –

Q) Are you looking for any other services, do you want fellow startups to contact you? If yes, what are the services you need?

A) Tech development

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