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Are you a Startup – Dnot miss this App Engine for Startup by Google

if you are a startup and you haven’t heard about “Google App Engine.”  you are missing a ton : – (    (at-least something)

its great that, at-least you are hearing from me…. : – )    quickly click this, it will take you to App Engine for Starups,

i did not have time to write a detailed blog about it, bcz
Mar 31st 2013 is the last date for Application to get $1000 of credit  

does it mean, will i get it for free or its something like a discount, difficult to say, with very quick read from google page.

anyways… something is better than nothing… go here and find out it out yourself and comment below  about App Engine

this app engine, will help startups to staylean  

as soon as i get time, i will try write in details about
Google App Engine

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