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MeetUniversity showing the path, in midst of Higher education chaos !


About the Start-up

Q) Your address on the web?

Q) What problem your Start-up solving?
A)Building a platform to help students to match the right university of their choice.

Q) How does it benefit the end user?
A)Not all the students are lucky enough to crack IIT-JEE or get an admission in Top Universities of World. We help students to get connected to the right university according to their credentials & academics.

Q) Is there any unique feature in your start-up ? Which differentiates you from rest of all?
A) End to End Handheld guidance to students to connect to a university of their choice and you will not believe, the whole process is online. Student do not have to step out from his house if he has all the required things in place.

Q) What is the current state of your start-up?
A) Live and have processed close to 100 applications in past 3 months with more than 100K students counseled via various digital mediums.

Q) When was your start-up born?
A) September 2013

Q) How many Jobs your start-up created till to-date
A) More than 20

Q) What business Domain/ Industry vertical your Start-up is focused on?

About the Founders

Founded by Ivy League Alumnus and two Edupreneurs in 2013, is the passion and technology driven platform for Study Abroad Counseling, University/Course Search and Application Process. The trio identified the demand in the Indian market for an easy, unbiased and personalized university/college search and application consulting portal mentored by Study Abroad Experts. Our core Team Members, advisors and associates include have studied and worked in countries like UK, USA, Europe, Australia – we have been there and done it ourselves. We understand the expectations and requirements of the Indian students; and similarly we have got in-depth knowledge about the Study Abroad process


Debal      IMG_224647203_4072160036646_85752461_n

Q) Where you did get the idea?
A) The idea belongs to our CEO (NitinKapoor), who approached me and Debal as a client to develop a portal dedicated to students who want to study abroad and need a medium to get connected to the universities. Nitin himself holds a Master Degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and was very passionate to solve the chaos in university recruitments. He wanted to build a platform where students can get right advise to get connected with a perfect university which matches their expectations too.

Q) Where did you meet the co-founders?
A)Me &Debal are high schoolmates and know each other from past 12 years. When I was in 3rd year of my engineering and Debal was in Final year of his BSc. In the year 2005 We started an educational portal by the name of which was the first of its kind of Educational Networking Portal in India, it was a platform where students and various colleges/private institutes of Delhi gets connected with each other. Unfortunately, it did not went well and due to lack of funds and less marketing strength the opportunity got captured by bigger brands like & After that we started our own Software Services startup by the name of Webinfomart. which was fully dedicated in providing Software & Web Development Services to various clients from India & Abroad. Nitin, (ex-PayTM / One97) with highly experienced in Indian & International markets approached us as a client to develop a portal dedicated to students who want to study abroad. Born Entrepreneurs by heart & mind (Debal& Me) were always up for exciting and new opportunities. The idea to start something in education again fascinated us and we jumped into it with all our technology experience to make it happen.

Q) How the hell did you convince them to leave their job, and join you!!
A)Nitin was the one who bought MeetUniversity idea to us. He was very well prepared & was self motivated to left his job wanted to start his entrepreneurial venture. Me &Debal were Eveready always…..:)

Q) How could you guys/gals stick together?
A) Our Self Motivation

Q) Who are the other Founders/Co-founders?
A) NitinKapoor


Q) Where is your start-up located?
A)New Delhi

Q) What is the Link of your start-up -Company page on LinkedIn
A)  here

 About the Technology

Q) What Technology Stack do you use?
A)LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


Q) What technology stack do you recommend for new entrepreneurs?
A)As I work in LAMP so I recommend others too. As it is open source, easy to use, cost effective and secure too.

Q) What inspired you most to start-up? Was the technology? Was the idea? was it the problem?
A)It was basically the passion inside all of us which motivated us to do something that can change the chaotic education recruitment/admission processes.

About the money

Q) How did you guys/girls overcome the problem of Chick first egg first (Product first or Investment first) ?
A)We were never in this problem. We always wanted to build something first.

Q) What’s your funding model , who are the Investors
A)TLabs (Times Internet Ltd.) incubated & funded us few months back with $50K. We were generating small revenues before that too. And now also we are making revenue.

Q) Are you looking for any more funding? Do you want investors to contact you? How to contact you?
A)Yes, Looking to raise our first round of Seed Investment. They can contact Nitin at email

Q) Are you looking for any JV, International partners?
A)Probably Yes.

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